What is the Purpose of an Air Filter in a Home?

The purpose of air filters is to help improve the air quality in the house by trapping particles that are invisible to the naked eye. Air filters are designed to capture large particles, dust and debris before they enter the air conditioner, and they are used in most homes with some type of oven, heat pump, or HVAC system. The main purpose of the air filter is to protect your HVAC equipment, and they should be replaced every 3 months or 90 days, especially if the HVAC unit is used all year round. An air filter should not be confused with an air cleaner or indoor air quality system, which removes harmful particles and chemicals from the air.

Evaporative coolers, also known as swamp coolers, do not use air filters. If your system did not have an air filter, some problems could arise. First, you won't have an air filter. Debris will easily break through your unit, causing it to circulate at a high limit and place excessive strain on the unit.

The quality and quantity of filter media influence the size of the air particles that can be captured, how they are captured, and the airflow through the system. Most filters are in the range of 12 CADR to 240 CADR, although some high-performance filters can go up to 1200 CADR. The longer technical guide focuses on air filters for residential use; it does not cover air filters used in large or commercial structures, such as office buildings, schools, large apartment buildings, or public buildings. If you want to wait three months, which is common, you need to buy a filter that is three to four inches thick.

An air cleaner is essentially a screen that fits in a compartment of the HVAC system to clean air as it circulates through a home. All Temperature Air recommends that you change your air filter regularly to keep your home and HVAC system running smoothly. Even if you're lucky enough to have excellent indoor air quality without an air filter, your HVAC equipment still needs that layer of protection to operate efficiently. Air filters keep debris and air particles out of sensitive components and help prevent dust and particles from accumulating on internal components of the heating and air conditioning system. If we could see what is floating in our houses, we would be surprised.

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