How Much Does an Air Filter Change Cost?

Replacing an engine air filter is an important part of vehicle maintenance, as it filters the air that enters the engine and traps dust particles, sand, dirt, and other debris that could damage engine parts. The cost of changing the car's air filter alone shouldn't be expensive, as it's a very basic routine care for your vehicle. The owner's manual should show the location of yours and how to open its housing to remove the filter. If dirty air filters are left in the vehicle for too long, less oxygen may enter the engine and not enough fuel will be burned to supply power to your vehicle.

Vehicles also have a filter for the air that enters their heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, but it has no relation to the engine air filter. The part of the carburettor where the air cleaner should be placed was circular or cylindrical in shape. The difficulty in a scented cabin air filter has always been in how to moderate the scent outlay. There are different types of air filters for engines, but the most common are made of paper-like fibers.

If you've never done it before, consult your owner's manual and it will guide you through the steps of finding your air filter and learning how to remove and replace it. A Department of Energy study found that the electronic engine controls of modern vehicles are “sophisticated enough to prevent a clogged air filter from affecting the vehicle's fuel economy. The test simulated clogging by covering air filters with shop cloths, severely restricting airflow, and the DOE concluded that the reduced flow “did not have a significant effect on fuel economy, using federal fuel economy test procedures. While paying someone else to do the cabin filter replacement is certainly convenient, if you consider the wait time and cost associated with labor, you should see a solid reason to replace the cabin filter yourself. The truth is that a cabin air filter is not only important for you and your vehicle, but it's also very affordable if you know where to look (and where to avoid).

This variation may be because your car is foreign (making it more difficult to access the cabin air filter) or because the mechanic is also raising the price of a minor repair. The cost of changing an engine air filter depends on several factors such as make and model of your car, type of filter used, labor costs, taxes and fees. This price range is based on national averages for all vehicles and does not take into account taxes, fees, or your particular make and model.

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