Does replacing air filter void warranty?

Under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Improvement Act, a manufacturer cannot condition its vehicle warranty on the use of any brand name filter, unless the manufacturer provides the filter free of charge or the Federal Trade Commission specifically publishes in writing that only the vehicle manufacturer brands be. It will not void the warranty if your high-performance air filter can fit inside the air intake. If your high-performance air filter has a large tube that could generate a lot of energy, you'll lose your warranty. For example, installing an aftermarket air cleaner may void the air cleaner and air box warranty, but not the entire car warranty.

In addition, most insurance providers won't void your insurance just because of an aftermarket air filter. Cold air intake filters are more complex and require more piping, which could result in you being unable to return your car to its original shape. Dirty air can also leave dirt on the engine, making it difficult for fuel to get where it needs to be. Installing high-performance air filters won't affect your insurance if you still have your standard filter.

Power and sound even though they produce slightly less energy than the more expensive cold air intake. A reputable brand will ensure that you have the warranty covered, but also that the filters are made to OEM specifications or higher, but if you compare a good brand to a good brand, the answer turns a little gray. I had air filters installed in new vehicles and I never encountered any insurance or warranty issues. There's another big secret that OEMs don't want you to know either, especially when they're trying to convince you of the “best quality” of their OEM filters.

After doing a lot of research on this site, I determined that I wanted a smooth cold air intake and that the cold air inductions fit perfectly. I have recommended and would recommend this product again to anyone looking for a well-built, great-looking cold air intake. This allows the consumer (you) to seek a competitive price for their repair and replacement parts without fear of voiding their warranty when installing or installing them. OEM distributors, who charge unfairly high prices, sell you the same filters manufactured by aftermarket factories and claim that they are of better quality when aftermarket factories make them in the first place.

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